Sylmar Towing

Over the last 10 years, Sylmar Towing has been providing towing services and tow trucks throughout the Los Angeles area. We offer the most reliable and safest towing service to fit your needs – while utilizing either wheel-lift towing or flatbed towing.

Sylmar Towing Offers These Additional Services:

sylmar towing– Private Property 91342 Towing or 91392 Towing
– Emergency Roadside Assistance
– Collision Recovery
– Long Distance Tow
– Abandoned Vehicles

We aim to provide our customers the absolute best service and support they need, the moment when needed most. We have a lot pride in ourselves for our professionalism and ability to respond to call in a timely manner.

Private Property Sylmar Towing in and around the 91342 and 91392 areas:

sylmar towingDo you own or manage a restaurant, shopping center or any other business and having issues with other people parking where they shouldn’t be parking, and not sure what you can do about fixing the problem?


Towing in Sylmar offers business owners and management companies, who own or maintain a shopping mall or other business the opportunity to have a private property impound program set-up and have Towing Sylmar handle their parking lots. We have the experience and knowledge to be able to discuss the legalities of this type of service and if your business can benefit from such a great service.

Sylmar Emergency Roadside Assistance: Services Offered

Jump Starts – Car died and need a jump? These days, cares have very sensitive electronic systems, and unless you know what you are doing, it can possibly get damaged. We make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and connect the cables where it is recommended.

Lockouts – We have the most current and innovative car entry equipment to work with the latest models of cars and will be able to get you back into your vehicle without breaking the lock.

Flat Tire Changing – Have a flat tire and need a hand changing it? Perhaps you have attempted but can’t seem to get the lug nuts off. We can assist you with changing your tire and will tighten the lug nuts with a hand torque wrench to the exact specifications recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Collision Recovery – roadside assistance in Agoura Hills will come to your rescue regardless of the type of collision you have been in. Whether you have just slipped into the ditch or are involved in a serious collision, towing in Sylmar emergency towing service will be ready on hand to help you.

Los Angeles Area’s #1 Tow Truck and Roadside Service Provider!

sylmar towingDo you need your vehicle, motor home, bus, camper, trailer, truck or anything else towed? Do you need emergency roadside assistance right away? If so, call up the Los Angeles #1 service provider of tow trucks and roadside service by contacting Sylmar Towing today!


Affordable tow service in Agoura Hills have light-duty tow trucks, medium-duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks to service your towing needs no matter what it is you need! Call us today! Our friendly and professional dispatchers are standing by to get you service! check out the Google + page for Towing in Sylmar.

Sylmar Towing Service Areas:

Los Angeles, Sylmar, 91342 and 91392.

Sylmar Towing Services
11226 sunburst street
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